Data Protection

Data plays a crucial role in our lives. For this reason, awareness of the topic of data protection is increasing among the general public and in the media. Security and confi-dentiality of user data are essential. After all, negligence can have disastrous conse-quences not only for users, but also for the companies involved, which have been en-trusted with safekeeping. To avoid this, compliance guidelines for the processing of personal data must be followed. Cybercriminals exploit any security vulnerability, no matter how small.

Optimise data and mail encryption

All data faces an increasing threat from hackers. But even human errors and mishaps can jeopardise data security. The former includes malware attacks, for example, while the latter can include lost laptops and storage media as well as easily guessed pass-words. If personal and private data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences are usually severe and costly for all concerned. Nevertheless, many sensitive data and documents are still sent back and forth unencrypted by e-mail and inadequate pass-words are used. Comprehensive data encryption and mail encryption, together with other rigorous data protection policies and best practices, are good preconditions for taking precautions just in case. Especially when using email and storing data in the cloud, attention should be paid to strict encryption. Here, at least end-to-end encryption is required in the pri-vate, managed and hybrid cloud.


Data Protection


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