keyon true-Sign

keyon true-Sign is a comprehensive signature solution that can be used to electronically sign documents, code and macros via central workflows or on Windows systems.

Electronic signatures for documents, code and macros

The integration of keyon true-Sign takes place via the web browser, web service interfaces or seamlessly on a Windows workstation. keyon true-Sign supports all common file formats and includes a service for the validation of electronic signatures as well as the repeated application of current time stamps in connection with PDF/A LTV relevant documents.


Digitize business processes

Electronic signatures enable the signing of electronic documents in a digitalised business process without media breaks.
Signing Document
Primarily PDF documents are signed electronically on the basis of a web-based workflow or directly in the PDF Reader on a Windows workstation. keyon true-Sign supports single or multiple signatures (e.g. dual control principle) using company certificates, public certificates or legally regulated certificates (e.g. SuisseID or signatures according to eIDAS). Furthermore, keyon true-Sign supports all common Office and PDF formats (incl. PDF/A Long-Term Validation (LTV)) and includes a service for the validation of electronic signatures as well as the repeated application of current time stamps in connection with PDF/A LTV relevant documents. With the SuisseID QuoVadis Signing Service, electronic signatures can be created on the move, without a smartcard or USB token.

Code and Office Macro Signatures

Malicious code and office macros executed on workstations are the primary triggers of cyber security attacks.
Accordingly, the protection of executable code (incl. scripts and PowerShell commands) and office macros is an essential part of an efficient cyber security strategy. With keyon true-Sign, all common executable code files and office macros can be electronically signed so that their authenticity and integrity can be verified before they are executed. A company’s workstations can be configured to only allow the execution of signed code and / or office macros. This provides efficient protection against related cyber-security attacks. With keyon true-Sign, executable code or office macros can be signed centrally via web browsers or web service interfaces. true-Sign also offers the possibility to check the code or macros for malware before signing, to check the content of macros for potentially malicious command structures (e.g. uploading data to external systems) or to inventory the code or macros. The latter is an effective measure that allows a company to check all macros used as part of hardening their workstations and to inventory and archive them centrally.

Data retention and archiving

When storing and archiving data, the integrity of the data as well as the time of storage of the data must be ensured in the long term.
On the basis of electronic signatures, the aforementioned requirements can be efficiently applied to large amounts of data. This enables the secure and legally valid storage of large amounts of data on cost-effective storage devices and allows the implementation of simple backup, restore and deletion processes. keyon true-Sign can be efficiently integrated into applications and workflow processes and supports the following standards:
  • ETSI TS 102 778-1-5: PAdES-LTV, XAdES-A, CAdES-A
  • RFC 6283: XMLERS
  • RFC 4998: ERS
  • RFC 3161 Timestamp Protocol

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