Secure email

Are you looking for a way to protect your most important communication medium – emails – from unwanted readers, and meet regulatory requirements? Do you want to build trust by protecting recipients from phishing attacks?

Email encryption and signatures

Our engineers are on hand to help you and your company implement email encryption, allowing you to send sensitive information securely. We use email signatures to build trust with the recipient and to prevent email phishing. We find the perfect solution based on your requirements, integrate it into your infrastructure and provide support with operation and troubleshooting throughout the entire product life cycle. From SMEs to major enterprises, secure email can be integrated into any environment. And because it is based on standards, it can secure your communications regardless of the installed solution. Both on-site and in the cloud.


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Communication with any recipient

With the secure email gateway from SEPPmail, you can establish encrypted communication with any recipient, regardless of the device or location. So it doesn’t matter whether the other party has a suitable infrastructure for processing the messages, or if they’re familiar with key material or other features of email encryption. SEPPmail automatically encrypts messages in a way that allows the recipient to read them at any time, with no preparation required.
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Flexible integration

By using communication standards, SEPPmail integrates almost seamlessly into different environments. Whether on-site or in the cloud, SEPPmail processes messages transparently as they are sent. Messages are automatically encrypted and/or signed based on the specified configuration and defined rules.
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Powerful encryption and signatures

Protect your email with a powerful encryption solution based on industry standards. Unwanted recipients are unable to view emails without the correct key material. Add a signature to outgoing emails. This means the recipient can be sure that the email has come from you. With the public key embedded in the signature, the recipient can also reply directly with an encrypted message. This helps to build trust and boost your reputation.

Secure email

Implementation For migration or a completely new build, we implement a customised, secure sustainable email solution that meets all requirements, now and in the future. Operation Everyday life comes with its own changes and disruptions, which all add to your workload. With managed services from SITS you no longer have to worry about operating a solution because you get a complete service from a single source. Optimisation Have your requirements changed? Are you looking for a new way to handle targeted communications? Our security engineers at SITS assess your implemented solution and optimise it according to the manufacturer’s best practices.
24/7 service Unexpected disruptions can occur at any time. SITS offers a round-the-clock on-call service which monitors the functionality of the secure email gateway to give you peace of mind, even when you are sleeping. Any disruptions are handled as quickly as possible to ensure the stability of your email service.
Update Software updates, new features – SITS is always in touch with the manufacturers to stay up to date with the latest trends and potential threats, ready to implement the necessary measures for you and your company network as quickly as possible.

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Keep your business secrets, personal data and information secure with a powerful encryption solution based on industry standards. Ensure your information is protected from unauthorised administrators, infrastructure operators and other unintended recipients.
Keep your business secrets, personal data and information secure with a powerful encryption solution based on industry standards. Ensure your information is protected from unauthorised administrators, infrastructure operators and other unintended recipients. The recipient doesn’t have the right infrastructure for processing encrypted messages or know-how in handling key material? That’s where GINA comes in. In this case, messages are encrypted in an HTML container with a password. Find out more in the Video down below.
Adding a signature to all your outgoing messages boosts your reputation and protects the recipient from phishing attacks. Plus, external contacts can be sure that the emails have actually come from you. If the information has been modified by an attacker during transmission, the signature is no longer valid and the message is marked accordingly. With the public key embedded in the signature, the recipient can reply with an encrypted message.
All key material required for email communication is managed automatically with no need for administration. New key pairs for internal senders are generated automatically or obtained from a CA (certificate authority), and public keys from external senders are added to the system following successful validation.
Depending on the configuration, outgoing messages are signed and, where possible, encrypted, with no intervention required by the internal user.
You can use rules to regulate the handling of messages for specific domains and users. For example, you can specify that messages to an external accounting department should always be encrypted.
Since encryption and mail dispatch are based on standards, SEPPmail can be implemented in the infrastructure independently of the peripheral systems in use – whether in the cloud or the data centre.
Depending on the business area, companies must comply with certain guidelines (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.) and adhere to requirements regarding data storage and transfer. Violations of these requirements can have severe legal consequences.

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The video discusses how to establish encrypted communication with any recipient. It does not matter whether the recipient has the appropriate infrastructure or is familiar with the technology.

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SEPPmail & SwissSign
SEPPmail & SwissSign

SEPPmail & SwissSign

The SEPPmail Secure Email Gateway, a Swiss product, enhances data protection in electronic information exchange via email by enabling messages to be signed and encrypted automatically. SEPPmail supports compliance requirements such as EU DPD, SOX, PCI, Basel III, GLBA and HIPAA, reducing the risk of fines. With SEPPmail, trusted SwissSign certificates can be requested and managed automatically. SEPPmail can also be used as a rule engine for secure communication with Swiss Post’s IncaMail solution.

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