Managed Services

Companies often do not have the time, capacity, or personnel to take care of the actual core tasks and objectives and, at the same time, time-consuming adminis-trative tasks. Often, the neglected aspects are IT security. The consequences can be fatal for the respective company. Managed services help to free companies from these burdens so that they can focus on their core business.

Managed services for more efficient IT management

Managed services take over the daily operation of a company’s specialised applica-tions so that its IT department can devote itself to its core competencies. The first step is to identify needs, what daily requirements and security demands need to be met, while keeping costs low. IT Managed Services also introduce new technologies and services into the IT archi-tecture that existing staff may not be familiar with, but which can help small, medi-um and large companies with their growth objectives. Managed IT allows them to rely on their IT infrastructure to properly run day-to-day business processes. Trained specialists take care of maintenance, updates and repairs. Because these services are demand-driven, clients have more transparent and better cost control. Typical IT department costs, including training, upgrades and personnel, are al-ready included in the price. Managed services specialists also have specific industry knowledge, especially when it comes to security and compliance. So appropriate risk and security advice can also be part of a comprehensive offer. Clients who use managed IT benefit from better performance and minimal downtime.


Managed Services

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