Security Engineering

Digital services have become an indispensable part of our private and professional lives. Today, we use the internet and various digital applications and tools as a matter of course to do our work, research information, store and transmit data and pay for goods and services. Corresponding specialists assist customers in assessing their indi-vidual needs, in planning and developing as well as in commissioning appropriate IT so-lutions.

Complex technology for safe user experiences

The challenging task of security engineering is to protect a company’s computer sys-tems and networks from all security threats. Security engineers develop and imple-ment security solutions. This can be done in many ways: They establish security standards and best practices that a company should follow. Through a security assessment, they evaluate a compa-ny’s systems, networks, and data to determine what security requirements are neces-sary. Based on this, they develop a Security by Design and security measures suitable for individual needs, which are then implemented to protect the infrastructure. This upgrade is closely monitored and finally also checked for security vulnerabilities using scans and stress tests. The result is that all points of attack are reliably protected, and any consequential costs of a security leak can be avoided.


Security Engineering

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Software engineering

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