Swiss IT Security, in collaboration with Credit Suisse, offers a secure and leading-edge connectivity suite, designed to automatically exchange transactions, positions, and master data feed (CMD - customer master data).

Simplified reporting

True-Advice Settlement converts core data of securities orders into SWIFT messages, enriches them with customizable standard settlement instructions (SSI – a broker’s standard custody data) and sends the settlement instruction in realtime to Credit Suisse, where the transaction is handled on a “straight-through” basis.

Asset management simplified with true-Advice

Regardless of system capabilities, Swiss IT Security’s true-Advice enables seamless and real-time integration with Credit Suisse (CS), straight-through-market connection, portfolio and transaction monitoring, and provides comprehensive and automated reporting solutions.
All true-Advice components (CSV Output Converter, Reporting, M/L Report, CSV/SWIFT Order Routing, Securities Settlement, FX Settlement, FIX Order Routing, true-Advice mit Bloomberg®, MiFIR) are designed for External Asset Managers to automate, simplify, and unify the financial transaction reporting. This solution requires no SWIFT membership or respective knowledge. CS Reporting is available for customers in CS booking centers in Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK, Guernsey, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Credit Suisse STP (straight through processing) Brokerage is available for customers in CS booking centers in Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK, and Guernsey.

All regulatory requirements are met

The comprehensive and easy to use reporting features are in-line with today’s and future regulatory requirements. Each component can be added as required at a low yearly cost. true-Advice is a highly efficient, reliable, low cost, and uniform solution for all CS booking centers.


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Simplified and powerful asset management. No SWIFT membership or SWIFT knowledge required.

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