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With Paessler’s IT monitoring solution PRTG, our portfolio contains a product that’s the perfect fit for meeting all central IT monitoring requirements – even across multiple locations! About five minutes after starting the installation, you’ll see the first few devices (servers, switches, storage, virtualised instances, etc.) and their states in a meaningful overview. Thresholds for warnings or errors allow the sensors/measuring points and notifications to be completely adapted to your needs.

Who is it for?

PRTG from Paessler is suitable for any company that would like greater transparency and security in its IT environment. Thanks to maximum flexibility with respect to licensing, this monitoring solution always adapts to your requirements. The first 100 sensors are even free forever and are perfect as a starter solution or for smaller environments.





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      Easy overview of the entire IT infrastructure

      As all the important individual systems are integrated into a uniform monitoring system, obtaining a quick overview of the entire IT environment is a breeze. There’s no need to retrieve and merge information from different individual systems. While individual monitoring solutions – such as server or network monitoring – only monitor certain components or partial aspects of an IT infrastructure, PRTG provides a holistic view of the IT infrastructure.

      Increasing the availability and stability of IT

      IT monitoring can prevent a worst-case scenario for companies: IT failure and therefore downtime of key operational functions. The notification function when the defined threshold values are exceeded or approached ensures that faults and problems are detected early on. This early warning system means problems can be prevented before they arise and allows errors to be dealt with as quickly as possible. This ensures continuous system operation.

      Cuts costs

      Active IT monitoring replaces manual infrastructure control through automated monitoring. This saves time and money.

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      In PRTG, we have developed a monitoring solution that helps IT professionals to monitor their entire infrastructure around the clock. We also sponsor various IT-related events, such as the DevOps Camp and the Digital Festival.

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