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As one of the world’s leading video surveillance solution providers, Qognify has been developing professional software solutions for 20 years. The functional scope of the Cayuga product line extends far beyond the classic use in the security sector by supporting business processes and creating tangible added value.

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      Efficient commissioning

      When you’re running a distributed video system across many sites, efficient deployment is absolutely crucial. Cayuga allows you to preconfigure your VMS installation offline. You can set up your cameras and devices in the system without having to physically connect them. Additionally, Cayuga’s installation process is based on a single installation routine that significantly speeds up the rollout process, cuts costs and saves on resources.
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      Maximum connectivity

      Companies that attach a great deal of importance to physical security usually run video technology as part of an overarching security concept. Cayuga offers a number of open and well-documented interfaces for bidirectional integrations with all kinds of third-party security systems such as access control, intrusion alarms or PSIM.
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      Simple systems administration

      Keeping all locations of a distributed video system up to date at all times can be challenging. But if they’re not, safety risks or business interruptions may result. An automated update service keeps Cayuga up to date at all times – which protects your system. As systems administration and operation are handled by a single client, you can efficiently manage your video system while staying in control.

      See more, understand better, act faster

      Cayuga manages all your surveillance cameras’ video streams and thus enables integrated video surveillance at a glance – on site, in the control room or remotely over different clients. Easy setup, flexible management, seamless integration of old and new systems and many different access options ensure reliable and convenient operation. As a manufacturer-independent piece of software, Cayuga is compatible with a large number of the network cameras available on the market. That’s why Qognify’s video surveillance software can be used in all types and sizes of project – and is already primed for your company’s continued growth.

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      Qognify is helping make the world a little safer today, driven by results for customers who place a premium on physical security. As a provider of solutions that make risks manageable, increase security and optimize operations, Qognify works with thousands of customers around the world as a trusted partner.

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