Cloud Backup

A functioning ICT infrastructure is essential for almost every company these days. It is particularly critical that important data is available reliably and quickly - even after an unforeseen event such as a system failure, cyberattack or natural disaster.

Who is it suitable for?

Cloud backup is basically suitable for all companies that want to protect themselves against existential data loss without having to make high investments.



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Your data – perfectly protected

With Cryptolocker Protection and Backup Deletion Protection, your data is optimally protected against malware and insiders thanks to cloud backup.

Geo redundant Backup

Thanks to the locally separated backup of your data, it is reliably available even after a major natural disaster at your company location.

Low Cost

Cloud backup works for you completely automatically, no more manual offloading is required. This relieves the burden on your company resources and helps to reduce costs. In addition, this eliminates the investment and maintenance costs of an in-house backup infrastructure.

Our services

Backup control
Storage requirements that can be dynamically adapted
Automatic backup at a desired interval (daily, weekly)
Advice and support
Encrypted data transfer and data storage

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The Veeam Software Group is an IT business that develops backup, disaster recovery and virtualisation management software for virtual VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. The company’s headquarters are in Baar, Switzerland.

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