Security Awareness

Do your users know what to look out for when dealing with emails? Can you tell the difference between legitimate and fake links? Do you know how much damage a phishing attack can do? Cyber attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated!

Why is security awareness so important?

Cyber attacks are a lucrative business. There’s been an alarming increase in cybercrime like phishing attacks in recent years. You shouldn’t ask yourself if you’ll end up a victim of a cyber attack. The real question is when – and your employees are your biggest target! This is why a solid awareness programme should be part of every sound security strategy.



Raising awareness among your employees

Thanks to regular training courses, your employees are made aware of how to deal with emails, the internet and data security and taught to identify attacks at an early stage.

All-round service

Let us know which employees you’d like to receive training and how often, and we’ll take care of everything else: preparing the content (incl. your logo), inviting and holding the training sessions and evaluating the success.

Individual campaigns

On request, we can create campaigns (mock attacks) that are customised to your needs – to highlight vulnerabilities or to check the success of training sessions.

Our services consist of:

Keynet Security Awareness also makes your company more secure
Keynet Security Awareness trains your employees in a targeted manner through high-quality security awareness web training sessions that are adapted to the current situation. In addition, you can have attack simulations specifically tailored to your company carried out by email or using prepared USB sticks. These attack simulations allow you to test what your employees have learned and provide targeted training as needed.
  • Increased awareness with respect to dealing with emails/the internet
  • Insights concerning how to identify phishing emails and fake links
  • An overview of your employees’ knowledge
  • An affordable and effective way of increasing security awareness
  • A fun way of conveying internal security policies
  • Arbitrary potential themes for phishing emails
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