Shadow IT with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)


Microsoft 365 Discover Workshop

This webinar provides participants with valuable insights of how to protect their data without compromising an open-flow of information and how Microsoft 365 can take the stress out of staying secure in the new world of mobile working.

Today any business requirement can be implemented quickly and with agility on the basis of cloud resources. IT innovations are being developed in specialised departments, often without the involvement of the central IT organisation. Consequently, the risk of compliance requirements not being met or being insufficiently met increases.

Companies are required to keep an inventory of all cloud resources used, assess their potential risk, and manage their use regarding the protection of data and identities.


This webinar will showcase you how shadow IT can be detected and managed with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) and how compliance can be monitored and enforced using reports with technical and organisational measures.


october 7th 2021

11am - 12pm


  • Cloud Security Overview
  • Shadow IT Discovery Lifecycle
  • Discover and inventory cloud resources
  • Analysing the characteristics and potential risks of cloud resources
  • Risk-based assessment of cloud resources based on compliance requirements
  • Evaluate the use of cloud resources
  • Control the use of cloud resources
  • Continuous monitoring

Event Partner

This Webinar is presented by Microsoft Switzerland and will be delivered by their certified Partner Keyon AG

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Shadow IT with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)

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