Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Shadow Hunter (EN)

In this Microsoft webinar, experts from Swiss IT Security will demonstrate how to use Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Network Security to enhance security for hybrid and multicloud environments, and how AI and automation in Microsoft Sentinel can help detect and respond to threats, and improve security posture.

Enhance your defense skills

In this free, hands-on workshop by Microsoft and Swiss IT Security AG, participants will test their security techniques and gain practical experience in protecting workloads.

Participants will find themselves in a realistic simulated scenario where a hacker has gained access to the network with the goal of infiltrating the company and accessing confidential information, and it is the participants‘ task to stop the attack.

They will learn how to provide enhanced protection and security through Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Azure Network Security for hybrid and multicloud environments and understand the benefits of using AI and automation in Microsoft Sentinel to help detect threats quickly, respond effectively, and fortify security posture.


In this workshop, you can expect a comprehensive introduction to the key aspects of cyber security, including practical applications and solutions for defending against threats. We will discuss the latest technologies and methods to improve your defense capabilities and protect your organization from attacks. Be prepared to deepen your expertise and gain valuable insights from our experienced experts.


08. Feb 23

2pm - 6pm


  • Learn how to enhance security and protect against threats by utilizing Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Network Security in hybrid and multicloud environments. 
  • Discover the advantages of using AI and automation in Microsoft Sentinel to quickly detect threats, respond efficiently and strengthen your overall security. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how Microsoft Security’s comprehensive protection can integrate with your systems and assist in closing any security gaps.

Event partner

This event is presented by Microsoft Switzerland in partnership with Swiss IT Security AG.

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Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Shadow Hunter (EN)

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