Swiss IT Security- Market Leader durch Buy- & Build Strategie

Swiss IT Security – Market Leader through Buy-&-Build

Dear Investors,​ Business Partners and Friends of Ufenau Capital Partners,

Pfaeffikon, October 2020

The Swiss IT Security Group ( ̈SITS ̈) is developing and growing rapidly also in times of Covid-19.

SITS focuses on IT-Security and is active in Switzerland as well as in Germany. With a clearly defined Buy-&-Build strategythe Group was able to execute 13add-on acquisition over the past 3 years. In the meantime, SITS became one of the leading and most renowned providersof IT-Security services. With the Buy-&-Build strategy the geographical footprint of the Group could be extended to 18locations. Further, the service offering for the Group’s clients has beensignificantly broadened. Today, the SITS Group acts as one-stop-shop for IT-Security servicesaddressing renowned clients in the healthcare, finance, telecommunication and industrial as well as the public sector.

At the same time, it was important to enable valuable synergies within the Group.

Centralshared services such as bookkeeping, marketing, human resources,and procurementhave been implemented for the benefit of allGroup members. Within 3 years the Groupgrew from CHF 10 Mio. to north of > CHF100 Mio. in salesat a solid double-digit margin.We intend to continue thesuccessful Buy-&-Build strategy and are looking forward to a lively exchange and collaboration with you.

Your Ufenau Capital Partners Team

Lesen Sie die aktuellste Pressemitteilung unseres Investors “Ufenau Capital Partners“. Innerhalb der letzten 3 Jahre konnte die Gruppe 13 Unternehmen in der Schweiz und Deutschland aufkaufen und so ihr Portfolio im Bereich der IT Security vergrössern.

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