Forrester TEI-Studie zu Zero Trust-Lösungen von Microsoft (EN)

Information security leaders face growing security challenges as digital estates continue to grow in complexity, their organizations adapt to the realities of hybrid work, and they face an increase in ransomware and sophisticated cyberattacks. By using Microsoft solutions to implement a Zero Trust architecture, organizations can improve their security posture, increase organizational agility, and empower their employees.

  • The Zero Trust Solutions From Microsoft Customer Journey
  • Analysis Of Benefits
  • Analysis of Costs
  • Financial Summary
  • Total Economic Impacts

Employed four fundamental elements of TEI in modeling the investment impact: benefits, costs, flexibility, and risks. Given the increasing sophistication of ROI analyses related to IT investments, Forrester’s TEI methodology provides a complete picture of the total economic impact of purchase decisions. Please see Appendix A for additional information on the TEI methodology.


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