Attack Path Management Services

XM Cyber will show you how an invader would move within your IT infrastructure and how you can disrupt these attack paths by fixing just a few vulnerabilities.

Attack Path Management mit XM Cyber

Unlike other tools you have been using for breach and attack simulation, XM Cyber models your IT infrastructure and continuously checks whether and how an invader could reach your critical resources once he has compromised one of your systems. At a glance, you will be able to identify relevant attack paths, and XM Cyber will tell you exactly where to take action in order to prevent attacks.


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Savings from Attack Path Management Deployment at a Glance:

The Attack Path Management Impact Report is the industry’s first annual report that identifies the likelihood and impact of a security breach, analyzes the attack techniques used to compromise an organization’s critical assets, and highlights best practices for protecting our most critical assets. The Total Economic Impact Study shows you how to achieve up to $12.4 million in reduced costs associated with remediation, fines, customer costs, lost revenue and brand reputation restoration. Click here for up-to-date case studies:

Your benefits with XM Cyber

Automated Breach&Attack Simulation

real-time security posture and threat assessment
no manpower required
proactive security through early detection

Comprehensive analysis of your IT landscape

without any impact on availability
always up to date and on point
clear presentation of real risks

Guidelines for fixing vulnerabilities

XM Cyber will prioritize identified vulnerabilities using different criticality criteria

helps you to quickly and easily improve the security posture of your IT infrastructure

provides you with a roadmap for advanced measures

Ideal for embedding into your overall security management

easy integration into hybrid infrastructures

can be used in combination with third-party components for endpoint security, SOAR, ticketing and vulnerability management

raises the security level by taking into account different components and dependencies

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Combat attacks and identify risks

The Swiss IT Security Group offers tailored service packages for XM Cyber. Our experts will not only help you find the perfect solution. We will also implement the system for you, operate it for you if desired, and make sure you get the best value out of it.

Overview Service Packages

Setting up XM Cyber is the first step towards attack prevention: Our service suite Managed XM Cyber is available in four tiers, covering basic setup, configuration, and training whilst our top tier offers 24/7 monitoring and remediation.


Tenant setup
To start things off, our Onboarding tier ensures a tailor-made installation of XM Cyber to offer round-the-clock protection for your business.


Applikation Management
Expert training
Bronze gives you attack simulations, staff trainings so your IT can manage and react to threats, as well as our helpdesk for support and key concerns.


Bronze plus
Integration into IT security processes
Our Silver tier takes things further by offering remediation management on top: Swiss IT Security Group experts help you monitor critical processes and apps to fix vulnerabilities before they become actual threats.




Are you interested in our solution? You can find detailed field reports as well as the scope of services at a glance in our documents.

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