SecureAutomation for Microsoft 365

Automation equals productivity: Time to put an end to repetitive, long-winded tasks that keep replaying day after day.

Put an End to Your Own Corporate Groundhog Day

Our new SecureAutomation service handles resource-consuming tasks by combining process optimization and Microsoft 365 automation, as well as customized in-house software.


SecureAutomation – Your Business Runs Itself.

Based on your requirements, our experts create and optimize an end-to-end automation platform. Our offer consists of three core components…

Analysis and development of requirements for automation, deployment, and control, including Microsoft 365 and Azure services. The result is an overall security and governance concept which covers:

  • Power Platform Setup (Basic configuration) with a focus on usability, productivity, and security.
  • Set up required environments and management rules to safely implement automation tasks.
  • Backup of all data verse environments.
  • Expansion of DLP policies to secure the flow of data.
  • End-to-end deployment concept, which includes the entire automation process – from developing the solution to live production.

Based on your newly secured platform, we will start automating business critical processes to save costs and time and boost productivity. Our SecureAutomation package includes:

  • Identification of business-critical processes of your Microsoft 365 environment that can be automated.
  • Development, implementation, and consultation of your automation solution from concept to ‘go live’.
  • Optimization and monitoring of all live automation solutions with a special emphasis on governance and security.
  • Automation-related support and training of your IT, including materials for your power and business users.

Our SecureAutomate package enables your staff to develop automation solutions on their own. Via close collaboration, we’ll help you develop concepts based on Microsoft’s Power Platform Center of Excellence, including all required trainings and training materials. This helps you avoid abandoned apps, data leaks, or a flurry of help tickets from a staff struggling with non-functional apps.

Our Offer

SecureAutomate consists of all three fully customizable core components as well as support on top. Our offer includes:

  • Evaluation of current critical business processes potential to automate securely.
  • Development of tailor-made automation solutions based on our evaluation and your preferences.
  • Workshops and consultations around automation.
  • Custom software solutions to help you automate tasks securely and quickly.
  • 2nd/3rd level support for all our solutions.


Are you interested in our solution? You can find detailed experience reports and the scope of services at a glance in our documents.

Reference Cases

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Ihre Reise zur Cloud. Unser Job.

7 Point Cloud Readiness Check powered by Swiss IT Security AG

Für die meisten Unternehmen ist der Weg in die Cloud mehr ein vernebelter Dschungel voller Fragen:


Der 7-Punkte Cloud Readiness Check der Swiss IT Security AG sorgt für sichere Planung und eine ausgeklügelte Roadmap. In kürzester Zeit legen wir mit einer Erstanalyse los und begleiten Sie bei der vollständigen Migration hin zur 24/7-Wartung. Und das Wichtigste: Alles kommt aus einer Hand.

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