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A secure and reliable network forms the foundation of any company. All data traffic passes through this core component. The network’s quality determines whether the stability and performance of the entire infrastructure will be a success or a failure. At the same time, today’s IT networks have to meet the highest standards in terms of security, which is why we strive to ensure that the IT networks we’re entrusted with offer guaranteed functionality, efficiency, security and stability.

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Our network services are essentially aimed at all companies that depend on responsive, reliable network concepts to be able to work smarter and more effectively. We consistently strive to ensure that the IT networks we’re entrusted with offer guaranteed performance, efficiency, security and stability. Cisco’s borderless network architecture provides the basis for secure, borderless networking of all conceivable communication needs, whatever the location, time and terminal device.



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Continuous mobility

Whether you’re at your workstation or in the meeting room, using stationary or mobile devices, a Cisco network from Keynet means you’re always optimally connected.

Maximum application performance

The network platform forms the foundation of all communication processes. The network is and remains the backbone of any company. With outstanding performance and minimal latency, a Cisco network enables your applications to perform at their very best.


Thanks to numerous management and monitoring tools, Cisco networks offer you the highest level of security.

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Our services consist of:

Our experts help you develop the perfect network for your company. Whether you’re looking to modernise, troubleshoot or even integrate new sites, we define the current state first of all and then design a secure and scalable network. Are your systems complex and confusing and do the administration processes take up too much time? Do you still have to configure security settings to protect your network? Rely on a competent, experienced partner when it comes to network management. By offering operation, administration and maintenance, we ensure that your network performance is always tip-top.
High-performance, leading switching and routing platforms for every segment, optimised for 1/10/40/100 Gb services. Industry-leading scalability, scalable multi-service design for increased flexibility, efficiency and service life. Industry-leading investment protection. Extremely reliable wireless solutions based on centralised controller solutions for WLAN policies, management and security settings. Operationally optimised by simplifying network provision, operation and management. Providing innovative location-based services to improve business processes. Cloud and systems management to speed up service delivery and improve user satisfaction, at the same time as cutting operational costs. Combined with Keynet AG’s services, this results in an individual network tailored to your business needs and requirements.

Vendors & Certifications

Pioneering products and solutions from the world’s leading vendors



Cisco Systems, Inc. is a leading global technology manufacturer in comprehensive data centre, network and security solutions, with a subsidiary in Switzerland.

As a Preferred Partner, we have worked with Cisco for more than 20 years in fields ranging from data centre (data centre network, rack server, blade server), enterprise networking, WLAN and collaboration to security (endpoint security, DNS security, email security).

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