Network Access Control (NAC)

We offer solutions to provide the necessary protection against internal cyber attacks.

Do you know what devices are connected to your internal network? Are you absolutely certain there are no infected devices within your company?

We make your network transparent. Prepare the reports required by your company’s regulators.




It doesn’t matter what products you’re already using. Our solution can easily be integrated without much effort.


Know what’s connected to your internal network and maintain that control.

Internal service

Create suitably protected zones that are available for visitors or employees’ private devices.

Network Access Control

Secure the entrances and determine the accesses
Implementation It’s all the same whether you need help with migration or a greenfield project. We implement a custom-made NAC solution that ticks all the boxes in a sustainable and forward-looking manner. Expansions Is your network expanding rapidly? Our solution’s scalability absorbs this growth and integrates the new growth into the existing security concept. Operation Modifications and disruptions are part and parcel of everyday life and involve a great deal of work. SITS offers managed services so that you no longer have to worry about operating the solution; you’re completely covered because the entire service comes from a single source. Reports We prepare reports that meet the management team’s and the auditors’ compliance requirements.

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