Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Starter Kit

Azure Virtual Desktop transforms your workforce from on-premise desktop systems or Citrix/VMware VDI to a modern work-from-anywhere environment. Our Azure VD Starter Kit gets your staff working remotely in a few minutes, reduces overall IT cost and gives your admins the luxury of easy maintenance – from anywhere.

The Work-From-Anywhere Challenge

In 2020 and with the surge of the global pandemic, the popularity of work-from-anywhere policies has skyrocketed. From engineers to healthcare workers to students: As an IT infrastructure manager you need to stay in control. Enter Azure Virtual Desktop. Our Starter Kit includes everything to modernize your company’s workforce with Azure Virtual Desktop.




      Azure Virtual Desktop Starter Kit

      by Swiss IT Security AG

      The Power of Azure Virtual Desktop

      A fully remote or hybrid work workforce
      Lets your staff work remotely and be flexible.

      Native performance
      The look, feel & performance of a regular Windows experience.

      Rock-solid security
      Thanks to built-in threat protection, identity management, encryption and more.

      Managed by the Security Gurus from SITS AG

      360° evaluation of your IT
      including eligibility and technical readiness check.

      A scalable team of Swiss IT Security AG engineers
      to set up & maintain your Azure Virtual Desktop, optimized for security from the get-go.

      Cost optimization
      By scaling AVD based on your daily needs.

      0 %
      return on investment on initial AVD in as little as 3 months
      0 %
      reduction in IT maintenance and deployment cost
      0 %
      reduced licensing and infrastructure cost
      person-hours saved in user onboarding, connectivity, and security response

      Reference Cases

      Our customers rely on our expertise

      Use Case

      Modernize Your Workplace – with Azure Virtual Desktop

      In 2020 and with the surge of the global pandemic, the popularity of work-from-anywhere policies has skyrocketed. From engineers to healthcare workers to students: The demand for a 100% remote or hybrid work model has come and is here to stay.


      As an IT infrastructure manager, this trend poses a major headache with your workforce as the clients are no longer under your direct physical control. Up until now: Enter Azure Virtual Desktop.


      Check out our new Azure VD Starter Kit service.

      Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

      Description & Services

      Our Azure experts at Swiss IT Security AG is your companion on the journey to cloud. Our offers include.
      Our experts provide a quick and thorough readiness check of your infrastructure to help you (and us) lay out the best and most cost-effective way to transforming your IT into a modern Azure VD environment.

      The setup process includes a “lay of the land” type architecture diagram which is the foundation for your entire organization. Based on this, our Swiss IT Security AG experts configure everything for you, including:

      • Basic Azure VD services
      • Firewall Configuration
      • Azure Active Directory tenant and Active Directory Domain services
      • User Account Creation for your IT fleet
      • Licenses purchases and management
      • Onboarding of AVD middleware
      • AVD setup including image creation, host-pool setup, user group creation and testing.
      • (Optional) Integration of AVD with existing Network Virtual Appliances (NVA), Network Peering, Firewall Rules, and Documentation
      • Ongoing Azure VD maintenance: We’ll take
      • Full Tech Support during business hours
      • Image Updates whenever needed (based on customer agreement)
      • Quarterly Service Reports and recommendations

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      Microsoft is the world’s leading manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every company on the planet to do more. Security and reliability, innovation and integration, and openness and interoperability are central to the development of all Microsoft products.

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