M365 Collaboration Governance

We support you in the planning, implementation and operation of your Microsoft Teams infrastructure as well as the migration of your SharePoint and file-share related data.

Teams Governance

Microsoft Teams is a central collaboration platform in Microsoft 365 and enables the exchange of data with internal and external employees, the exchange of information via telephony, chat and meetings as well as the integration of applications or other interfaces.
Team sites should be able to be created and managed individually by supervisors or employees. This relieves your central IT and increases your productivity. For this, we rely on Valo Teamwork, which can be natively integrated into Microsoft Teams.
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Team sites, the data they manage and the identities that have access to the data and team sites are subject to a life cycle and need to be managed. Below are a few aspects that can be applied differently depending on the classification of the team site:
  • Individual creation and management of team sites based on predefined templates.
  • Central dashboards and reporting
  • Periodic recertification of team owners and team members
  • Policies for data classification and data leakage prevention
  • Guidelines for data retention / deletion / archival
  • Guidelines for Allowed Applications and Connectors
  • Guidelines for editing and downloading data
  • Life-cycle management for team sites
  • Identity & Access Management for Team Sites
We support you in the planning, implementation and operation of your Microsoft Teams infrastructure as well as the migration of your SharePoint and file-share related data. In addition to standardised M365 services, we rely on Valo Teamwork as a Teams governance solution. Valo Teamwork installs natively in your M365 tenant, integrates with Microsoft Teams and provides navigation, provisioning, lifecycle management and automated governance across desktop, mobile and web-based workplaces.

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Guest-User Governance

Microsoft 365 can be used to collaborate efficiently with external customers or partners. The exchange of data usually takes place via SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive or specialist applications, towards which the external customers or partners must successfully authenticate and authorise themselves in advance.
The external customers or partners are managed as guest users in their Azure AD. This requires centralised or decentralised governance processes that take the following aspects into account:
  • Workflow for onboarding new guest users with optional 4-eyes confirmation process depending on your organisational structure and hierarchy.
  • Onboarding of guest users with explicit acceptance of behavioural, confidentiality and security policies
  • Assignment of responsible persons in your company for the respective guest users
  • Periodic recertification of guest users by the respective responsible persons in your company
  • Initialise and manage multi-factor authentication (MFA) and other compliance policies.
  • Deletion of guest users, taking into account any existing group memberships to SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive or specialist applications
  • Automated deactivation or deletion of guest users after longer periods of inactivity
With the guest user governance solution from Swiss IT Security AG, you can easily implement the processes described above centrally or decentrally. The solution is based on the Microsoft Power Platform and can be easily integrated into your Microsoft M365 tenant.

Relieve the burden on your central IT and enable fast and secure collaboration with external users.

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