F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

Combines centralised network access control, federated identity, SSO and adaptive authentication to form a single flexible, scalable solution to simplify and consolidate your access infrastructure.

It is becoming increasingly important to have secure access to internal company data and applications when working from home or when on the move. BIG-IP APM enables you to meet your needs for a complete VPN solution in addition to making applications accessible to selected users using a secure portal solution (application delivery). F5 supports a wide range of technologies that can be connected to the BIG-IP for access control purposes (Active Directory, SAML, RADIUS, etc.).




Your requirements can also be covered thanks to BIG-IP APM’s comprehensive functions and the fact that the product can be extended by programming iRules.


In addition to two-factor authentication, an access policy can also be used to check other factors to authorise a device for remote access. This includes checks such as the operating system, antivirus software version and more.


APM solutions are available for smaller companies with up to 100 employees, large corporations with several 100,000 users and everything in between. We’d be delighted to arrange an individual consultation with you to help you find the right product.


We’d be thrilled to implement your individual requirements according to your wishes. F5 BIG-IP APM includes the following features (to name but a few examples).
The Visual Policy Editor can be used to construct complex access procedures.
BIG-IP APM enables SSL VPN with the BIG-IP Edge Client. Alternatively, you can grant your users access to the desired applications through a web portal or make individual applications available using the classic reverse proxy functionality.
APM supports the likes of AD, LDAP, NTLM, Kerberos, Radius, RSA or federated identity with SAML or OAuth/OpenID Connect for authentication purposes.
VDI resources such as Citrix Xen services, Microsoft RDP or VMware Horizon can be provided through the Access Portal.
Once a user has authenticated themselves using their credentials, they can be used for seamless single sign-on to your applications using Basic, NTLM, form fields, etc.
You can restrict remote access to your applications by implementing various policy checks so that only clients with an up-to-date version of an antivirus product, a specific registry entry or from a defined country, for example, can access them.
Login pages and portals can be almost completely customised. For all requirements that cannot be met by the APM standard functionalities, we are happy to check whether they can be implemented using iRules.

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