Back2Office is a tool that is quick to set up, easy to manage and enables your employees to return to the office in a safe, controlled manner.

Back to the office step by step with "Back2Office

The corona pandemic is a major challenge for many companies. The measures that have already been taken are completely turning everyday working life as we knew it upside down. At times, all employees were in their home offices and the offices were practically empty. The measures are now being gradually relaxed. Companies are therefore faced with the question of how to organize their workforce without putting them at risk.


Easy access

Quickly ready for use and usable across platforms (web browser, cell phone, etc.)


easy to use for employees and administration (usability)

Data protection

The anonymity of your employees is guaranteed

What's Back2office?

The Back2Office application is a web-based tool with which it is possible to individually record the physical company structures or workstations for various locations, floors and/or offices, for each of which the corresponding workstation capacity is defined and stored. Employees can book their workspace and then store this booking in their calendar. This enables them to keep track of the days on which they are still working from home and when they are allowed to be back on site. This way, the company is able to get an overview of the number of employees working back in the office and thus reduce the risk of a pandemic spreading within the company. To protect employees’ personal data, the data is anonymized. The company is fulfilling its duty of care and giving employees the security they need to return to the office unconcerned and motivated.

All benefits at a glance

Convince yourself of the many advantages that the Back2Office application offers you.
  • quick to use
  • usable across platforms (web browser, cell phone, etc.)
  • easy to use for employees and administration (usability)
  • anonymity of employees (data protection)
  • direct integration into the existing corporate network
  • quickly manageable (changes are easy and quick to adjust)
  • individually applicable according to different circumstances (multiple locations, div. buildings, offices, etc.)
  • simple delegation of administration tasks through dynamic access concept
  • direct integration into the existing company network
  • direct integration of booking confirmations into personal calendar
  • reporting functionality of infrastructure utilization
  • simple booking cancellation
  • customizable company branding (corporate identity)
  • dark mode support


Convince yourself of the many benefits that the Back2Office application offers you.

Back2Office explaining video

The functions and main advantages of the tool explained quickly and simply .

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How Back2Office was developed

The initiator for the conception of the program was an international group with various locations in Switzerland and worldwide.

For the functionality of the program, the following criteria had to be absolutely fulfilled:

  • easy handling
  • flexible to use on both PCs and cell phones (responsive design)
  • fast to manage (changes are simple and can be made quickly)
  • extremely fast to deploy
The Back2Office application meets all these criteria and has since been used internationally in this company. In the TECHGarage of the Swiss IT Security Group, where employees can contribute their own innovative ideas and approaches, the project was created, was finally developed by the Swiss IT Security AG team and is now ready for deployment in other companies. .

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