Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management services enable you to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure before hackers have the chance to exploit them and cause severe damage to your company. In this way, you minimise your attack surface and are optimally protected against cybercrime.

Why should you pay attention to vulnerability management?

Cyberattacks come in many forms, with website hacks, ransomware and denial of service (DoS) attacks being just a few examples. Vulnerabilities eminently increase the danger of cyberattacks by causing security gaps in your IT infrastructure and providing attack surfaces as a result. Typical vulnerabilities include missing updates, configuration errors, default passwords, outdated operating systems and insecure application software. Hackers can easily exploit these kinds of vulnerabilities to damage your business or reputation. Our vulnerability management services help you to protect your company not only against cybercrime, but also against malfunctions in your IT infrastructure. We offer you a centralised platform that can automatically scan your network for over 65,000 potential vulnerabilities based on current threats. We promptly provide you with a detailed report containing the associated security risks and repair steps that need to be taken to minimise these risks. If requested, our service team will also send out warnings to you and patch the security gaps before an attacker can exploit them and cause harm to your business.



We help your company to stay safe and comply with applicable provisions.

On premises and in the cloud

Our service uncovers vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, regardless of whether they are on your premises or in the cloud, to enable you to minimise your attack surface and protect your company as best as possible.

Avoid business risks

Using our vulnerability management service, you protect your business against Ransomware, Disruption to business operations, Data leaks and destruction, Production failures and interruptions.

Sustainable and consistent

We believe in sustainable solutions. If needed, we will therefore be happy to help you resolve your vulnerabilities consistently in an expert, personalised and effective manner.

Service Packages

We offer three different service packages to give you the best value for money. You can choose a package entirely based on your needs or switch to another package later.


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A one-off snapshot of your assets and existing vulnerabilities with recommendations for prioritising and resolving vulnerabilities


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The most flexible and optimised solution, designed, implemented and operated precisely according to your detailed requirements. Enables the optimal measurability, monitoring, mitigation and remediation of vulnerability-related risks.


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The most flexible and optimised solution, designed, implemented and operated precisely according to your detailed requirements. Enables the optimal measurability, monitoring, mitigation and remediation of vulnerability-related risks.
Overview of the Vulnerability Management Service packages

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Service processing

Each service package includes the creation of a customised appointment and service schedule for you, with subsequent review and verification of the service scope.
As part of the ‘Regular’ and ‘Managed’ service packages, we set up our service with the corresponding processes and organise them sustainably and efficiently.   The report after the first scan for vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure includes the vulnerabilities uncovered, along with recommendations for action on how to resolve them.   If requested, we will also be happy to actively support you with mitigating and remedying existing vulnerabilities (included as standard in the ‘Managed’ package). Periodic service optimisations and scans in the ‘Regular’ and ‘Managed’ service packages allow vulnerability-related risks to be dealt with measurably and effectively.

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It is vital to ensure that security loopholes in networks, servers, at the endpoint and in web applications are detected reliably – and to achieve this, it is vital to know how the infrastructure assets are configured. Qualys helps automate vulnerability and configuration assessments. The checks can be configured via a web-based portal and executed manually or automatically. The resulting reports not only list weaknesses but also offer concrete ideas for improvement. Qualys also offers a series of online services and private cloud appliances for SMEs and large organisations.

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