The 9 Point Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Cyber attackers can knock out companies in an instant using the latest ransomware techniques, leaking internal information, encrypting data, and demanding ransom money. It's time to prepare: Our 9-Point Ransomware Readiness Assessment reveals your IT’s hidden vulnerabilities and security weaknesses to help you safeguard against future threats.

Ransomware – Real Threats. Real Consequences.

Hybrid work, cloud solutions and a spread-around-the-globe workforce make your business far more flexible but put it in the crosshairs of cyber attackers. Ransomware infiltrates your IT in multiple ways, usually through email attachments or downloads. Once executed, it encrypts critical corporate data and locks out all user until the ransom is settled. This threat is ever growing, too:


Ransomware Attacks

0 %
Increase in ransomware attacks from 2020 to 2021

Attacks on companies

0 %
of all organizations worldwide have been the victim of Ransomware attacks, most of them in the sectors of education, government, finance, and insurance

Loss due to an attack

0 m
is the average cost of a ransomware attack.

Der 9-Point-Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Swiss IT Security AG now offers a “9-Point-Ransomware Readiness Assessment“ for businesses to help prepare for and prevent ransomware. It includes:

Evaluate physical security for endpoints, from desktop to smartphone.

Your entire infrastructure, form IT to OT or even IoT is being checked for vulnerabilities and inadequate configuration.

Analysis of all installed apps, services, and LoB applications for possible backdoors and vulnerabilities.

Audit of your entire email infrastructure, regardless of on-prem servers or cloud services.

Classification of data, access controls, and security guidelines with regards to current rules and regulations.

Your internal org is being evaluated for its ability to act quickly in case of a Ransomware attack.

All user accounts and groups will be checked against a <need-to-know> principle.

Evaluation of your org structure and duties to ensure employees understand their responsibilities in case of an attack.

Instant removal of malicious code while restoring backups to get you up and running.

360° Insurance
Our Services

The Assessment is just the beginning: Our Swiss IT Security AG experts can take things to the next level, helping you implement all critical measures and be your 24/7 companion to safeguard your systems going forward. We offer:

Preventive Measures

We recommend and implement practical steps to improve your IT’s security from the ground up as well as offer awareness trainings for your IT personnel.

Detection & Remediation

If your IT was attacked, we’re ready: Swiss IT Security AG experts will help you instantly detect, analyze and craft a plan to stop any further Ransomware movement, while initiating recovery.

IT recovery

Last but not least, we’re offering a complete restructure of your IT services to get your apps, data, and services back online in no time, using CISCO, Microsoft Cloud or Fortigate infrastuctures.

Get a tailor-made offer from Swiss IT Security AG today to prevent and restore any Ransomware attack.

3 Reasons Why: Ransomware Risk Assessment

The rise in rasomware attacks resulted in various assessments of both existing and new clients. Over the years this has led to improvements across the board:

01 – Visibility of vulnerabilities

Our Swiss IT Security Experts check the effectiveness of your security measures against all current tactics, techniques, and procedures of the latest Ransomware attackers. We’ll unveil potential vulnerabilities and show which areas of your IT could be exploited by Ransomware.

02 – Optimized response times

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence: Our 9-Point Ransomware Readiness Assessment helps analyze the speed and effectiveness of your countermeasures, preparing you for a swift recovery.

03 – Identify problems & solutions easily

We evaluate technical risks and operational impacts of Ransomware attacks, helping you set up detailed procedures to both improve your IT and set up a recovery plan.

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