Cyber Security Officer Services

Our security officer service offers companies exactly that in the context of outsourcing. The nature and scope of the service activity is versatile and geared towards your individual needs.

Does your company employ a CISO? Would you like to lighten your security managers’ load? Do you need an outside opinion?

Filling the position of CISO or security officer and keeping information security expertise up to date is both time consuming and costly. It isn’t always possible to create a CISO position and anchor it in the organisation. Swiss IT Security helps you fill this position with the required expertise. This is a viable option that can be implemented either as an interim solution, to support the existing CISO or over an extended period of time. You’ll then have a team of highly qualified IT security consultants at your disposal at all times.



Discover the benefits of the Security Officer as a Service for yourself


Our security experts flexibly cover your lack of resources whenever and wherever you need them


Benefit from our expertise and the experience obtained from a wide range of projects and organisations

Creating Structures

This allows you to satisfy the obligations required by your clients, partners, management team and the authorities

Security Officer as a Service

Swiss IT Security offers companies a security officer service. Our security experts take on the roles of ‘Security Officer’, ‘Chief Information Security Officer’, ‘Security Manager’ or their deputies. Experts from the various areas of cybersecurity and risk management take care of everything necessary in a way that’s tailored to your requirements. Our experts advise you on all issues relating to data protection and information security, deal with planning, integration, coordination and control tasks and thus help you on both a strategic and an operational level.

Security Officer-as-a-Service will prove hugely beneficial to you. Some of the potential tasks our experts might perform include:

  • Developing a company-wide security policy, instructions and guidelines to ensure that the IT infrastructure is handled securely
  • Conceptually designing and implementing business continuity and disaster recovery measures
  • Developing specifications, requirements, concepts and risk analyses
  • Assisting the internal security team with strategic and operational issues
  • Setting up and maintaining an information security management system
  • Setting up and reviewing an appropriate security architecture
  • Preparing expert opinions and technical reports 
  • Evaluating and assessing products and manufacturers in the security sector
  • Providing support with investigating security incidents
  • Authentication and access management
  • Defining and implementing measures to raise employee awareness
  • Assisting with planning and implementing various security projects

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