Firewall assessment

With a firewall assessment, you can have your network devices checked for potential vulnerabilities and risks and receive recommendations for corrective action.

Who is it suitable for?

Are you unsure whether your network environment is completely secure, functional and optimally designed to meet your needs? During our firewall assessment, we carefully examine your infrastructure over the course of three days. By preparing a final report, we demonstrate where potential vulnerabilities lie and how you can eliminate them. We would be delighted to draw up a custom quote based on your needs. 



A firewall assessment conducted by Swiss IT Security’s specialists offers you the following benefits 

Vulnerability awareness

After the assessment, you will be aware of the vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure.

Financial transparency

The assessment is limited to three days, so you can clearly estimate the costs in advance.


You know what actions to take to eliminate your vulnerabilities

Time required

The assessment is designed for a firewall or firewall cluster. A dedicated report is prepared for environments with multiple firewalls/clusters.  This means that the time required also increases linearly. 
  • One day for preparatory work 
  • One day for the technical assessment 
  • One day for post-processing/preparing the report  

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Required information

We need the following information from you so we can offer you comprehensive advice   
When you make a new request for a firewall assessment, we require the following information from you: 
  • Company name 
  • Contact person and contact details 
  • Company size 
  • Field of activity 
  • Firewall(s) in use, manufacturer and operating system version 
  • Environment (e.g. OT, perimeter) 
The next step is to schedule one or more firewall assessments together based on this information. 
We require the following documents from you in order to better understand your network environment’s individual circumstances: 
  • Network diagram 
  • Zoning concept 
  • List of assets requiring special protection 
  • Modules in use (e.g. VPN, etc.) 
Reporting Firewall


The report will be written in English and made available to the client.  The management summary (max. one page) can also be written in German upon request. We will indicate any additional costs for translation work in advance.  The report includes a management summary and checkpoints with the risk assessment, evaluation, and an approximate estimate of how much time and effort you will need to eliminate the vulnerabilities.  Documentation is performed for each checkpoint and prepared according to the format at left. 
Übersicht Firewall Assessement

Firewall assessment process

We have outlined the steps in an assessment process below 
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation quotation. We have listed all the information we need from you to prepare a quote and the relevant documentation above. 
We then check whether an assessment checklist is available for the desired products and solutions.  If not, we will need a lead time of about one month to prepare this. 
We spend roughly two weeks performing in-depth preparatory work for the assessment based on your specifications. 
We thoroughly check the records, information and documents you send us. 
Potential solutions and measures are evaluated based on the available information
Our engineers thoroughly test the individual programs and solution software. 
The information obtained and the action required is documented in a report. 
Lastly, we send you a report and work together with you to clarify the next steps and what actions you need to take. 

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