Success Story

Major Swiss Credit Card Provider trusts its security to Swiss IT Security AG

6 years of safety from one source.

For a Swiss credit card leader, being the sharpest in security and PCI-compliance is a key goal. Since 2016, the company has been relying on the knowledge and services of Swiss IT Security AG (former Keyon AG) to make this goal a reality. Their success demonstrates how a simple gap analysis pilot blossomed into a multi-year cooperation.

Such projects included:

  • Conception of encryption and key management prototypes: Encryption and key management are critical to be PCI-DSS compliant, which is why Thales KeySecure (successor of CipherTrust Manager) was employed. To further encrypt server files and simplify access, Thales ProtectFile services were also implemented.
  • In-house development of a high-performance tokenization engine: For credit card companies, transactional anonymity is a key part of the business. A so-called tokenization engine helps turn credit card numbers into random digits while keeping the original data format. To build this system, Swiss IT Security AG crafted concepts, prototypes, and complete production processes, which also included live testing and documentation. Swiss IT Security AG even developed its own C#-based tokenization manager which further elevated performance.
  • Complete review and revision of the company’s PKI infrastructure: The entire PKI infrastructure was analyzed by Keyon AG to help develop a comprehensive roadmap, including projected costs and needed resources for improvements. At the heart of the plan was the implementation of the G3 PKI which included new servers, firewall configuration, root key setup, and constant monitoring.
  • Conceptualization and implementation of SharePoint Online on Azure: To safely exchange files between employees and service providers (B2B), Swiss IT Security AG was contracted to optimize existing SharePoint online services with AzureRMS for B2B use.


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