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Our Zero Trust Cheat Sheet

A Recipe Against Losing Control

Zero Trust is neither a product nor a service or a technology: It’s a philosophy that governs how all products, services, and technologies are set up in the first place and configured to communicate with each other. Based on the ‘Guilty until proven innocent’ principle, Zero Trust ensures that even company-owned laptops, smartphones, apps, services, and users are considered ‘safe’ only when they’ve clearly authenticated themselves as such. The three core princples are:


  • Zero Trust Workplace: Ensures a secure connection between your IT endpoints, servers, IoT devices and IoCs (Industry Control Systems) among each other as well as your employees’ access to these areas.
  • Zero Trust Workload: As apps and services have increasingly become targets for attacks, Zero Trust needs tob e extended to cover applications or services, including your software and hardware resources, the hybrid coud, LoB applications and virtual desktops.
  • Zero Trust Workforce: Ensures clear security guidelines for all your employees working inside your network as well as remotely. It also covers guests, such as contractors and customers.
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Zero-Trust doesn’t require a full re-architecture of your network infrastructure. It’s a combination of principles that help you apply the proper guidelines on apps, clients, and services combined with a tight integration of 360° solutions such as CISCO ISE and DUO.


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